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Company Man Comic
It's #DumbJokeThursday! 10/18/18

Company Man Comic

Starting from Comic #1232: It's #DumbJokeThursday! 10/18/18
It's #DumbJokeThursday! 10/18/18
She would have liked this joke. 10/19/18
#RIPPauletteJordan You are missed.

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I will always remember her laugh and making me laugh
Condolences. Lost my Ma nearly 2 years ago,so I feel ya.
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Anything #penis related, triggers #melania. 10/22/18
All of those a-holes shouldn't have a comfortable meal, ever! 10/23/18
#trump's cover-up is the worst cover-up since his hair! 10/24/18
It's #DumbJokeThursday! 10/25/18