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Gospelman the Strip

Gospelman the Strip

Starting from Comic #16: J.O.Y.
We're back!

Sorry for the long wait, Gospel Chums. This comic strip has been up in our other locations for a couple months or so now. I've just been very, very busy! I'm on an antidepressant cocktail that is working for me now and I've been doing lots of commissions, as well as penciling and inking my own webcomics such as Gospelman! Once I have some more ready for publication, you'll see them here or on our Gospelman Adventures page! For updates and behind the scenes images please see our Patreon page:


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I like the idea that three cords braided together can't be broken. The context I've seen it in is husband, wife, and Jesus when somebody is married. Lol I need to look up the exact quote
Wait I think it's a cord of three strands :)
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