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Mel's Log

Mel's Log

Starting from Comic #212: Skyrim Logic
Skyrim Logic
Skyrim is my favorite game, but sometimes the logic makes me laugh. Stealth logic always makes me laugh because these situations happen! Almost verbatim too!

Hey guys, I did open a shop on Etsy with some of the prints and buttons that was sold at StocktonCon and Merced Pop Expo this year! Go check it out!!
I'm going to Sleeping Beauty this out for a while.
My Nightmare
My Whit in shining armor came, but I think it turned into a nightmare! D:
Quest for A's
I just want to pass Mr. Dragon sir, I didn't come on this quest for you to tell me how to live my life!
Forgot Something
Finals week... (cringe) And yet, I still procrastinated by setting up some weird piece of IKea thing that Ken and I bought for our room... What is wrong with me? I have a final at 8am tomorrow! D:

Sorry for the poor image quality, not really sure what happened and I worked over an hour to try and fix it to no avail... Any advice?
First Place
I definitely won this award, with Whit coming in a close second. Though, Finals are over now!! WHOO!