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Starting from Comic #24: Reboot
I've had this site for about a year. I've been doing this comic strip off and on for about three years. Throughout that time, I've had to take off time from it because this or that took priority. Sometimes I just forgot it was there. This time I abandoned the site for about a month, because I was moving and getting settled. I was prepared to let it sit there indefinitely, but recently I've been jonesing for some comic makin'. So I bought myself a new sketch book and busted out the microns and am officially restarting the comic. There'll be some changes, mostly in format. Since I'm switching to working out of a sketch book instead of working on crappy printer paper, the comics will now be in page form instead of strips. Minor things like that. And I have a ton of stuff to write about, like a wedding, a proposal, a totaled car, interesting living arrangements, my first trip to a porn store and copious amounts of blood loss. Those last two are part of the same story. So, yeah, this should be fun, and I hope I am able to keep it up as long as possible.
I've decided, after much deliberation, that I'm going to start anew. I want my reboot to have a definitive beginning, not a weird leadup of all my old dorky comics. But I don't want to delete the Mementa archives either. So I'm ending Mementa, leaving it as is, as a digital record of my high school comics, and starting a new comic. If you like what you see here, you can visit my new site to see more recent work at Wifey.thecomicseries.com and leave me comments. I LOVE comments. It's gonna be awesome and quite a bit more cohesive, so head on over and see what there is to see.
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