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ACES: Artifact Collection & Extraction Squad
Chapter 1: Wild Reputation
Chapter 1 COVER

ACES: Artifact Collection & Extraction Squad

Starting from Comic #1: Chapter 1 COVER
Chapter 1 COVER
Welcome to my first original webcomic since Moonlit Brew (which was first made way back in 2013)!

This is the product of nearly a year's worth of planning, and waiting for the right people (or, should I say in this case, person ,) who share the same passion for this world as much as I do making it! Since most of you will be starting from this very page, I suppose I should make an FAQ that should hopefully answer a few questions; if there's any that I haven't answered or simply haven't come up with yet, I'll add onto it! Without further ado, let's get this started!

Q: What's the age rating for this comic?
I'll go by ESRB ratings as a base here, and let's call this a T/13+ comic. There's going to be some violence here, mild profanity there, and maybe suggestive themes, but you won't see characters doing drugs or hiring hookers in that order; I know they're in Las Vegas, but if we ever have them do anything like that and/or be naked, it's gonna be completely outside the comic. XP

Q: What's the upload schedule?
At the moment, we would like to upload one page every Saturday or Sunday!

Q: Do you have a "soundtrack" for ACES?

As a matter of fact, I do! I have not one, but TWO Spotify playlists that you folks can listen to; one is a Eurobeat playlist that should get you in the right mood for the comic (which also doubles as an unofficial-official "OST" that fits with the aesthetic for the setting)!

ACES OST (EURO SIDE) (NOTE: a lot of the songs are "region-locked", but that's what Youtube is for!)

The other playlist is more geared towards 90's Hard Trance/Hardcore/Breakbeat-meets-modern- J-Core. Basically, stuff you'd hear Frankie play in his sets when not mixing Eurobeat:


Q: What are your souces for inspiration for ACES?
Jam and I were heavily inspired by shows like Gravity Falls, Warehouse 13, and Wander Over Yonder when we came up with the art style and story. We would like for our readers to have similar vibes when reading this... while also imagining a kickass Eurobeat/Rave soundtrack in the background. ;)

You guys allow fanart, right? Even NSFW art of Frankie, Val, and/or Alfred?
Of course! We would love to see fanart of the Main Three as we take part in this journey together, regardless if it's SFW or NSFW! With that being said, the latter is perfectly fine as they're all over 18, but if you're posting that kind of art, PLEASE tag them as #ACESEXY !
Chapter 1 Page 1
Here we are, the first-ever page of a brand new comic! It's one thing to announce that you're doing a new project, but to actually get it started feels much more satisfying. Kinda reminds me of when I first launched Moonlit Brew and TIAFOE, and I'm not making a comparison to the latter just because the three original characters I made for that comic are now the mains here. ;)

Anyways, I'm sure you folks can easily tell what the inspirations for this comic are, right from seeing this very page!

Art(C) Jammedina17 https://twitter.com/JaMMedina17
The Rest (C) Someone who's doing something a bit different for uploading these pages; mentioning Eurobeat songs in the description that try to fit the mood of the pages; I'll try not to link them every single page, but it would be cool to introduce newer people to that music. :P

Current Jam: Money Go! - Marko Polo
Chapter 1 Page 2
Stupid rocks, and their placements inside abandoned mines; they couldn't just mind their own business and just let the Main Three be on their merry way from harm (or worse). :I

Art(C) JAM
The Rest (C) Someone who would like to hear everyone's guesses who they think would voice Frankie/Val/Alfred. (I may or may not have mentioned my picks on the TIAFOE Tumblr ages ago. ;) )

Current Jam: Money Go! - Marko Polo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-ShHUYR94U
Chapter 1 Page 3
You didn't think the comic was gonna be put on hold just because we had a bit of a delay, did you? Of course not!

I recently finished the script for Chapter 1, and have started work on Chapter 2, so we got a lot of comic left, to say the very least. :P

Also, I've finally added links to the ACES unofficial-official OST playlists over on the cover page, so be sure to check those links out!

For now, who wants to make bets that Val blasts that golem's face into a crater? ;)

Art(C) Jam
The Rest (C) Someone who is going to bed as soon as this is uploaded...

Current Jam: Wild Reputation - The Big Brother ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFi9uT5Py3Y )

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Nice art, Jam!
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Chapter 1 Page 4
Sorry this took so long, but I hope this scene will be well-worth the wait!

While you folks have been waiting for this page, I wrote a ton of script! I'm actually a good bit into Chapter 2, at the moment.

Also, here's a fun fact: did you know that I'm the "letterist" for this comic, and TIAFOE? Well, I couldn't really qualify myself as a "letterist" since my knowledge only goes as far as putting dialogue into it, but it's still a bit of a challenge to fit said text into the boxes the artists provide you; for example, this very page had a few lines tweaked to make room for the narration boxes, while I tweaked the dialogue between the drunk tourists and Frankie to be a bit more.... personalized. Either way, Frankie's not gonna take any crap from 'em, as you'll see, in due time. ;P

Art(C) Jam
The Rest (C) Someone who knows Frankie's pain (specifically, when I was around 8, I went to Tijuana for the first time, and I worse this tie-dye Pikachu shirt, and a bunch of the grownups there randomly yell "Pokemon Pikachu!" at our family out of the blue, every few minutes or so. XD )...
Current Jam: You Can Light My Fire - Madison ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjmI6hR2OnE )
Chapter 1 Page 5
We're alive! Like I mentioned for a while, expect to see new pages for this comic pop up, more often! The more pages I get to show off to you guys, the more stuff will make sense. ;)

Protip: If you're in a gambling mood, and you're betting between who would win between a zombie DJ and a drunk tourist, always bet on the former. There will be plenty of backstory teases throughout this chapter, so I hope it won't be long until we see *everyone*!

Art(C) JAM
The Rest (C) Someone who's been up for almost 24 hours now; I really need to try and sleep soon.
Current Jam: Sugar Baby - Alexis