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The Great Hawkes Valley
Love Ghostfoot

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Starting from Comic #81: Love Ghostfoot
Love Ghostfoot

Reader Comments

Really nice sequence with Ghostfoot finishing the letter and throwing it into the fire. Feels appropriate and makes sense given the circumstances. You also did a great job on the fire too!

Meanwhile, O'ban's messin' with some bones and Isaac's lookin'. Really great page!
So... does this mean she's a ghostwriter?
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Everything is Fine

Reader Comments

I love everyone’s expressions in the rain. The imp looks like it’s doing a pretty good job getting berries, too lol a very useful little familiar.
Gotta love the pouring rainy scene you chose for the whole, "Our traveling is going very well" line, lol. I love how Ghostfoot is protecting herself from the rain, and Omri is just hiding in O'bans hood along with him. And that expression when the fly trap just snaps on Ghostfoot's finger! I love it a lot.

Really great page showing their travels. Omri is a particularly skilled berry picker.
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Reader Comments

Omri has noticed something about this mouse, it seems. That or they’re jealous that Isaac is giving the mouse the fish instead of them. Either works, lol.

And look at O’Ban there trying to piece together his bone armor, it seems. I don’t know. I just get the feeling like O’Ban should be…even more buff than this. Couldn’t tell you why, though.
Do her boots have toes, or are her feet dark gray?
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