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Tales From Alderwood
Smorgus Dinkley
Chapter 2: Smorgus Dinkley - 180

Tales From Alderwood

Starting from Comic #212: Chapter 2: Smorgus Dinkley - 180
Chapter 2: Smorgus Dinkley - 180

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Now this is an interesting little letter!
i love you even more locke. with all my heart
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Chapter 2 Intermission - Supplemental 01
Hey! Just popping in to let you guys know we haven't forgotten about the Q&A. We got a lot of questions about the Dragonkin in both the reader survey and Q&A, so we figured it would be appropriate to do a series of documents that detail some of the lore we've made regarding these guys. We'll have two more lore updates for both Grant and Locke respectively, and after that we'll be moving onto the Q&A comics (including survey results) that will make up the rest of the intermission.

Our update schedule will remain unchanged (Mondays and Fridays at midnight Los Angeles time) as we move on to chapter 3, so I hope you'll enjoy some of this bonus material we've made for you guys in the meantime :)

Other than that, I also wanted to show you a version of the "illustration" on the second page of this document that Bob said was too tonally inappropriate to include on the page proper. But I think it's too funny not to share, so I'm doing so here.

Image: https://i.imgur.com/rc99zlj.png

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Such epic lore also I love the timmy turners dad meme at the end
Just wanted to quickly drop in and let you know that the work you've made so far is f*cking fantastic, and it's positively forced me to follow it going forward. Thanks for making this freely available for people to enjoy.
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Chapter 2 Intermission - Supplemental 02
More lore! This one's written with more of a personal slant (from Bob's perspective), since it covers some design element stuff. Grant is probably one of the harder characters for me to draw, and frankly I'm glad I don't have to figure out how to draw his head from weird angles in a several-month-long fight scene anymore, whew. Still, I like him for other reasons, and I'm glad there are other people who like him as well.

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The last grant head looks so funny like he stubbed his toe or something
I always love seeing the design why's of a character. These are fun to get insight into both the design and the personality too.
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Chapter 2 Intermission - Supplemental 03
Aaaaand here's the last of the lore documents for this intermission! Let us know if this was something you've enjoyed and we'll see if we can do something similar for the next chapter intermission. But for now, you can look forward to some Q&A comics starting Monday!

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i love them so dearly. i really think locke is my favorite so far, and these lore pieces are doing so much to flesh out the dragonkin!
NB Locke? UwU
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Chapter 2 Intermission - Q&A 01
idk if the discord link stands out enough if it's at the top, so here's a line of regular text to act as a buffer for contrast's sake.


In case you don't know what the 180 degree rule is, it's a visual storytelling principle that states that you should generally be consistent with your characters' left/right positions with each other. Generally there's a 180 degree radius where it's safe to move your camera around without flipping the two around, but going beyond that can cause your audiences to be confused.

RE: other webcomics: we don't have plans to do either of these any time soon, though we do have plans to integrate at least part of our characters' backstories into the comic proper. That said, we also have a good handful of backstories that could fill out a pretty substantial sum of pages on their own, and it's fun to think about exploring that someday.

Also big thanks to everyone who submitted a question for us to answer! We really appreciate the engagement, and we're also really sorry if we can't answer them all! We got over 300 questions, and if we tried to answer them all in comic form, I think this intermission would end up stretching quite a bit longer than we'd like.

Reader Comments

300? wow... Quite a nice number!

And as for the anthology series, you mean something like Anamnesis here on comic fury?

But looking forward to what questions you can answer.
I've heard the 180 degree rule described like this: If two characters are talking, the camera is you, moving your head back and forth as each character speaks. That's why it feels unnatural to break it: you wouldn't run around to the other side when the next person speaks.
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