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Avengers... Adventure!!!
Trials Of The Tesseract

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #332: Zipline
And we skip ahead to the start of the next session, where both missions are being put into motion.

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I don't have anything smart to say about today's issue, so...

Do you have any favorite famous DnD character?
My most favorite is Orkira Illdrex (Heroes of the Vale, Heroes of the Planes), female dragonborn light domain cleric. She cares about her friends' safety more then her own, she hates undead with passion, she fought Vecna and Orcus (at the same time). She has a book of Phoenix that can destroy the world(s).
And she also has a kickass song written about her:
Sarah's in charge of this one? Nice.

I like to imagine, if Kevin and Sarah needed character representatives for the WW2 game, they'd be Colonel Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) and Private Lorraine (Natalie Dormer). Not that they need them, but I mean they're there.
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