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Avengers... Adventure!!!
The Strange Game Of Dr. Banner
Free The Beast

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #91: Free The Beast
Free The Beast
Why risk the big boss if you don't have to?
Moving On Up
As you can see, Mark is settling into his new character quite well.
Not Over Yet
When you realize you've forgotten the month ends on the 31st and therefore your update schedule is messed up. XP Apologies for the late update.

I think we've all had that moment where we're about to let something go, only to find ourselves drawn right back in.

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Heh, no worries.

Quick Note: Life being life, still haven't watched the actual film. Not worried about spoilers, because I am only checking out this film after having its major beats spoiled.

As for the strip itself, I do like where this is going. It also reminds me how some RPGs? When you have a Player and GM that trust each other and can handle when things seem to stop working, they still let you do crazy stuff like... well... Hulk. Thor would be another example, but some of the Avengers are - at least compared to them - down to Earth as character builds.
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Defying Gravity

I wasn't going to make an April Fool's post because the day didn't fall on my regular upload schedule, but then I had this idea. Sorry not sorry.

Anyways, debuting a slight update to Rob's speech bubbles that I'm planning to use going forward. Probably not going back to apply it to Iron Man, because that's going to take WAY too much time.
Smash And Run
And I think we've also all hit that point where whatever we're doing just doesn't feel like it's worth our time.
Moving Right Along
Running a character with a second identity is challenging, especially when it's a truly separate identity. Mark got lucky this time in that Hulk and Bruce both wanted more or less the same thing, but... well, Bruce doesn't every time get what he wants.

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Yeah, sounds like quits a challenge to run a character such as this. Oh! I finally got around to watching the actual movie this past weekend. XD
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