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Building Friendships

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #113: Building Friendships
Building Friendships
It's a shame the MCU dropped the whole "Science Bros" connection between Tony and Bruce after Age of Ultron. Understandable, considering the direction Hulk went in, but still a shame.

Apologies again for cutting this chapter short, but rest assured that Mark and the Hulk still have plenty of time to shine coming up. Like I said a couple updates ago, no interlude updates between these chapters, on Monday we're getting right into Iron Man 2.
Figuring out what your characters have been doing between sessions can be a daunting task all on its own. Sometimes they've been up to minor things, like training or maintaining their equipment. And sometimes they'll go on a soul-searching journey to slay their inner (or outer) demons. Depends on what your GM allows.

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How will Rob get away with drinking liquified grass in front of the other players? Find out next time...
on Avengers Assemble!
Okay, so I know what the Legacy Virus is, assuming it hasn't been retconned into something else. *checks* More or less the same; I stopped reading the X-Men titles around the time it was cured, I think. Cosmic Cancer and Sokovian Flu are harder to pin down, even with searches.

Unless The ScarletTroll wants to clarify, anyone have any guesses? I've got nothing for the Sokovian Flu, but Cosmic Cancer reminds me of how the Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell version) died in the comics. Though it could refer to some cosmic phenomena that affects universes in the Marvel Multiverse as well...
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And lo, we have officially begun Iron Man 2. Definitely one of the less impressive sequels, but I enjoy this movie a lot regardless, and I'm very excited for some of the changes I have planned to adapt it for the campaign. Some twists, some turns, some of which suitably paranoid people may see coming from a mile away, but some of which I hope will remain surprising.
Rob, as you may have guessed from this page, is one hell of a procrastinator.
If you haven't noticed by now, Kevin watches entirely too many movies.

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This might actually be the weakest plot point in this film, now that I think about it.

SPOILERS ahead for Iron Man 2, so if you haven't seen it or don't clearly remember it and want to be surprised, STOP READING THIS COMMENT! XD

*ahem* So, we're going to eventually find out that the Senator leading this investigation is actually a member of Hydra. Hydra has deeply infiltrated the U.S. government, and even SHIELD itself. While it makes sense they would want the Iron Man armor, and that they would use any means to get it, that doesn't change that this might be the stupidest method.

Granted, in the comics, Tony Stark is kind of a jackass with his own invention. I agree with him being able to decide who he does and doesn't give or sell his armor to... but in an effort to prevent some evil, he also denies the world a lot of good. Anyway, Hydra (through the US Government) should have used this to try and get Stark to create a weaker version of his own armor. After all, even if Stark's suit is the best... what happens when he's facing dozens or hundreds of foes in "okay" suits?

Then they can acquire what they really want, after Stark is dead, or injured, or what have you. Even if their plan had worked... now Stark's going to be even more secretive with his inventions, and you'll scare many others into the same behavior. Hydra are crooks; they should want the American gadgeteers of their world to think they can safely patent everything, so they can then steal the designs!
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New Friends In High Places
He also heard she was viciously determined, but didn't think he should lead with that. That was his mistake.