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Sins Of The Past
Come On And Slam

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #129: Come On And Slam
Come On And Slam
It really is astounding how well they manage to convey "a guy with whips" as a credible threat to Iron Man, even if the fight only lasts a couple minutes.

Anyone else hoping for a Whiplash return in Armor Wars?
Limited Resourcefulness
Poor Kevin. He may have gotten one over on Rob back during the first campaign, but since then Rob's had nothing but time to memorize the Power Armor builds. As he is now, Whiplash never stood a chance.
Flip It
Let it not be said that Rob isn't at least TRYING to learn from his past mistakes.
Destination Interrogation
Ah, the dramatic "alone with the bad guy" scene. Always tense, always so full of uncertainty, never sure if it's actually safe or not...

Unless you're a tabletop player. Then the only thing that matters is whether you can trust the info you get or not.

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please do this until you run out of movies
please do this until you run out of movies
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Secret's Out
God bless villains and their tendency to speak in cryptic nonsense instead of just telling you what they want.

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Ah nothing better than a PC secret being revealed to the other players by an NPC-and it being completely justified! Oh the sense of shock and betrayal, it warms my cold Game Master heart.
Ah yes, back to the story aspects! Nice to see some roleplaying after the 8 pages of pure combat
(i was on vacation the past week or so and didn't check the comic)
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Mutual Understanding
So yeah. Pepper's in the loop much earlier in this than she was in the original movie. Largely because it's much harder to justify keeping her OUT of the loop when there's an out-of-character motivation to consider.