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Avengers... Adventure!!!
Sins Of The Past

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #158: Elementary
Of course, Pepper at this stage doesn't actually know where Vanko is. But Rob's a little too busy trying to figure out where Scarlett gets her info to correct her.

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ETT 6)- The scenes of the old Stark Expo fair will be used as a ground map of Lagos in Age of Ultron.

(You thought I wouldn't be continuing these, didn't you. WELL IM BACK)
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Helping Hand
Unfortunately for as prevalent as he is in Phase One, Coulson doesn't actually DO a lot in these movies until the Avengers. His main schtick is to just show up and be professional and just a little bit quirky to make the audience like him and provide a connective element that gives the universe a sense of genuine cohesion.

That being said, I have big plans for Clark ahead, so I'd be remiss if I cut out this bit.

The same cannot be said for the replica Captain America shield that pops up in this scene, which I've done my best to remove. XD

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"Reports of Fury's badassery have been greatly exaggerated."

Anyone else get the feeling that whenever Fury comes up in the action; he'll roll at least one nat 20? Such as when he single-handedly shoots down a jet plane in Avengers.
Huh... I must admit, I am curious as to whether or not "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." will canonically happen in the strip. Not necessarily in the campaign, mind you. I could see someone getting permission to run it as a separate campaign, examining what may or may not be happening around the events depicted in the films.

Possibly Clark being the GM for a different group of players and again, not saying it needs to play out in comic form here if that is the route you go. Don't wanna burn you out! XD Though it might be fun to have it mentioned in a passing line of dialog. Of course, I currently expect Clark to just take over and run some other character, but that is enough from me. ;)
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Just Business
If you aren't able to call your friends on their BS and just have them ignore you, are you even really friends?

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ETT VIII: Irina (Vanko's bird) is actually the time-travelling reincarnation of Hugin and Munin (Odin's ravens) who will be heroically slain fighting Thanos, and be hurtled through time until coming to a rest as Bernard Stark (Howard Stark's probably-not-canon-anymore flamingo)
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I'll admit, when I started posting this I gave it 50-50 odds I was going to keep going long enough to have a one-year anniversary. Considering the state of... well, everything... it's certainly been a crazy year. But I'm glad that I've kept working on it, and as much as it's been a therapeutic hobby for me, I'm glad that I've been able to put something together that other people also enjoy.

Honestly, this latest stretch since Fury showed up has probably been the part that I've been the least certain about, at least in terms of what I've made so far rather than far-reaching future hypotheticals. But for better or for worse, by the time I started freaking out about whether it was actually any good or not, I figured it was already too late to change anything without putting the comic on hiatus, and if there was ever a point I'm willing to do that, it's certainly not mid-chapter. XD

So I guess what I'm saying, if I'm saying anything (ha! reference), is thanks for sticking around this far, in whatever way. Seeing people engage with this on any level gives me that extra little endorphin rush that makes keeping up with this so much easier and much more fun.

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I feel you Clark. I love the idea of this system, with all these intricates pieces, but I knew if I played it I would be so lost. Let alone DMing it, the idea gives me hives.

Fun hives though! Keep up the good work, and congrats on your 1 year anniversary!
Glad you stuck around. :) So many comics fall apart before even the one year anniversary. Not that I'm throwing stones; I've had less involved projects fall apart far sooner. XD
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Send In The Drones
A wise God of Mischief said it best (or I guess, will have said it best? Maybe?): "How will your friends have time for me, when they are so busy fighting you?"

Intraparty scheming can be a group's worst nightmare, and a GM's best friend. Although it also helps to make your villain such a bumbling doof that no one can wrap their head around him being anything other than a nuisance.

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Heh, intraparty scheming is what adds zest to gaming. ;)

Yeah, you tend to hate it when you're the one being schemed again, but the gaming experience tends to be somewhat hollow without at least a friendly rivalry between players. Frankly, verisimilitude falls short without it happening at least on occasion.

Plus, sometimes it is better for you to "reality check", "challenge", etc. your fellows than to leave your GM feeling like they need to do it for you.

I've told the story before, so the short version: our party decided to be stupid and have a drinking contest at a time when we were all known to have money. Before the GM can punish us for being stupid, I put my own plan into motion. My character bought the 1st round (the cheap stuff), then took a dive in the contest. Thanks to everyone being so hung over the next day, I can con two fellow PCs, one the leader of our party, into "paying me back" for money I'd loaned them during the contest. The leader even was grateful because I'd spared him public embarrassment (convinced him he'd forgotten his money). The player knew it was a lie, but not his character. :D The only other character I decided to hit up was so out of it, he just threw the nearest object to him at the source of the "noise" (me knocking on his door) trying to wake him up.

The nearest object to him was his coin purse with all of his recent pay.

Which sounds horrible of me, but IIRC, the GM later confided in me that if I hadn't, he was going to have someone else rob and/or fight us while we were so drunk.
Plagiarism- the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

ETT #10) Dom will betray the party and try to murder them all with the Hammer drones when he realizes that with Tony gone, he can become the next Iron Man, and with Gwyneth gone, the government can take over Stark Industries with no opposition. He will rise through the ranks of the military, and when defense drones are commonplace, he will use their secret backdoors to take over the world.
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Okay, so there's actually some more big holes in Gwyneth's plan. Namely, the whole thing required Tony to die, which is MUCH less likely now that the palladium poisoning is no longer a factor.

The other problem being that when you try to hire someone with their own agenda ANONYMOUSLY, there's nothing stopping them from accidentally getting in the way of your plans.

As evidenced by Kevin quickly taking back control of the situation.

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This is why giving freedom to your PCs can sometimes get a campaign back on track. A remotely verisimilitudenous* setting will have so many moving pieces, pieces only the GM knows (or can fake knowing), that players should only expect their schemes to work so long as they gel with the GM's plans.

Which may sound awful, but done right it is incredibly fun nonetheless! :D

*may not be a real word
ETT 11) Hammer was not always idiotic, he was actually the smartest character in the MCU and uploaded his mind to the most powerful computer ever contained in a baseball sized jewel, but the process damaged his meat brain.
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