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Avengers... Adventure!!!
Invasion Of The Frost Giants

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #197: Invasion Of The Frost Giants
Invasion Of The Frost Giants
Honestly I think Kevin's just happy to cut loose with some dramatic narration. None of the other campaigns we've seen him run so far had much call for it. Or if it did, he was trying it out on Rob.
Peace Prevails
Some groups have that one player who really, REALLY wants to just get to the combat. Any combat.

Kris is that player.
Itching For A Fight
So obviously I've changed things up a bit here, as in the original movie this was supposed to be Thor's coronation.

The main reason for the change is that logically speaking there is absolutely no sane reason why Kevin would put Kris in charge of the entire kingdom. He already got burned once making Tony the center of the "Industrial Investigations" campaign, and Kris is (or is at least meant to come across as) an even jerkier, more single-minded player than Rob.

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I was going to comment on how out-of-character it is for LOKI to have low Wisdom, then I remembered that for all that Loki is observant & clever, he really doesn't make good decisions, so this actually fits perfectly.

Then I saw Thor's panel... I got nothing.
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Interesting thing I only just found out doing research for this chapter, apparently all of those weird throwaway items in the vault are actual things from the comics.

I've punched up the names of a couple here and there to make them sound less generic, but otherwise? 100% legitimate.

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Interesting! Out of curiosity, about how much research do you do for each chapter?
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Everyone knows official material never has any contradictory information in it, right?

Of course, even if it were a real Gauntlet, I'd say Kevin's making the right call declaring it fake. Kris with the Infinity Gauntlet is not an idea I relish.

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Okay, so stupid idea I had while reading the strip. Stupid, but fun. Well, not if you're the GM, because I suspect it would either wreck the campaign or your players. What if the "Infinity Gauntlet" on display both is and is not a fake? What I mean is, what if it were a "Finite Gauntlet", something like the Infinity Gauntlet, but with a limit on how much it can be used. I mean period. By anyone. Not the films where the power threatens to wreck whomever uses it, but that you have an artifact that can basically do whatever the Infinity Gauntlet can do but with a limited amount of "charges" (and no recharge feature).

Like I said, not only could this drive the GM nuts, but the players who have it as well. The idea being the Finite Gauntlet would have X charges to it (not sure what the correct number would be). Using the Finite Gauntlet's power uses up these charges. "Big" feats would drain it faster, especially if they're sustained actions e.g. lasting multiple turns or rounds or however your game breaks up the actions.

Yes, this all occurred to me while reading the strip. Give or take some fine-tuning that occurred while typing this responds. It is just how my mind works. Something stupid but where I like the name led to many bad designs in the few campaigns where I was the GM. XD
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At least he's invested enough in roleplaying to flip a table in-game instead of real life.

Incidentally, "once I go to Yotunfrotun and smack all of them silly until they tell me who's responsible for this bullshittery" is one of my favorite lines I've ever written for this comic so far.