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Avengers... Adventure!!!
Aesir Adventures

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #234: Ascendancy
And now we get something that's a surprise to both Loki AND Liam. But a welcome one, I'm sure.
Together Again
Liam returns to the Earth plot just in time for Jeremy and Clark to enter.

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Man, my personal theory was way off! I was thinking that since Jeremy and Josh had the same colors, Josh would be playing Hawkeye since Thanos never is up against Hawkeye until Endgame.
Liking the new banner! ... It is new right? It's entirely in-character for me not to notice something like that until a week or two afterward...
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A common enemy goes a long way towards uniting an otherwise divided party. That's not the only reason Kevin brought the SHIELD bois in, but it's definitely a reason.
Strategy Meeting
Nothing inspires you to try something different like overhearing your friends question your usefulness.

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Some people only need a subtle nudge, others need to be whacked over the head with a Clue-by-4. And tased.
Now I'm really excited to see what feat Kris picked, now that he's using his min-maxing for friendship, as opposed to selfishness!
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So I have yet to really get into the minutiae of what a world where Marvel Comics as an entity never existed would look like in terms of altered pop culture landscape, but in my search for Mjolnir mispronunciations I thought this one was worth considering: the film rights for Men in Black were optioned in 1992, before its publisher of Malibu Comics would be bought out by Marvel in 1994. Most likely this would mean that the movie still exists, and since the movie is its main source of popularity, the franchise probably still maintains the same level of popularity overall in the world of Avengers... Adventure!!! Albeit potentially at the cost of the original comic series sinking ever deeper into obscurity.

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...or maybe the lack of Marvel somehow caused Malibu comics to thrive?

Hey, I can dream. XD I only read a few issues of Malibu's stuff before Marvel bought them, and only bought a bunch of the new #1s after the fact (because I was bad at comic's speculation). So I'm hardly a "fan", but I at least like some of their concepts. XP
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You ever set up your own mobile base just to flex on people who don't have one? Yeah me neither.