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The First Test

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #290: The First Test
The First Test
I know this can't be the first time I've realized that pre-military Steve is "Mr. Rogers", but it's definitely the first time it's hit me recently.

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Honestly, if we wanted to kill our enemies, would we be any different from psychopaths? Wishing for them to cease to exist, on the other hand, is understandable.

I think this might legit be the first time I noticed, however. @_@
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Peggy Carter

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Damn, a Super Soldier template with that class? Emily would be insane.

It does leave me thinking if you're gonna use the What Ifs in some way, besides just reference pictures like you did for Iron Steve a couple pages ago.
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It can be a real bummer when you accidentally let loose one of the most powerful items in the universe on your friends, amirite?

Also I decided to drop the Iron Man Retrospective earlier than I originally planned, it can be found here if you'd like to read it.

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First, what an easy mode puzzle it is? Kevin basically said: do this and you'll solve a puzzle. Sure, sometimes players can fail even that, but if Chris is one of those... Actually, I remember how the movie ends and take back my complain.

Second, the soldier's job is not to think. If soldiers starts to think, they can start questioning orders. Officers are the one that need to think the most efficient way to complete the mission. So, if this scene shows anything, it's that Steve is not a very good soldier. He has a potential to be a good officer, but he never attended any military academia, and there is not much time for him to learn how to became a proper commander, as the war is already going.

This is the first thing I don't like about this movie, but certainly not last. It will hurt more later.
But I agree with Nukem, this felt like too easy of a gimme by the GM. Yeah a perception check is a good idea, but it would have really been more impressive if Chris came up with the removing the bolt himself without the GM basically spoonfeeding the whole "simple support pin could easily be undone." Doesn't really make Chris seem that impressive at puzzle solving or as bright.

I do like the willingness to bring up his flaw even if it disadvantages him.
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First Instincts
And here we have one of those scenes that... honestly just kinda feels like it has to be included. Even if as an RP scene it's basically a foregone conclusion that Kevin isn't going to just kill Steve off with a grenade.

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yeah you can't leave this one out it's basically his big establishing character moment
How about this motivation?

"I know the grenade is fake, but I can't risk it on the off chance that it is real."
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The Final, Final Test
Kevin's used to improvising, but everyone has their off days.

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A very Respectable method
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The Slow Path To Prosperity
I mean we've all tried to leave equipment from a previous player character to another one, right? This is just a logical extension of that.

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Only in videogames.
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