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Trials Of The Tesseract

Avengers... Adventure!!!

Starting from Comic #329: Upgrade
Getting new and improved gear is a staple of between-adventure game time.

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One thing I've always loved about Pathfinder 1e that was never in D&D, was crafting. There are no real rules for it in DnD 5e, but I love that you can make magic items you need if you got the resources + skill, and even otherwise you can buy magic items. You can't really do that in 5e without heavy homebrew. It adds a layer of customization that I like for characters.
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Vibranium is so prohibitively expensive that cost is the only reason Rob has never considered it for use in the Iron Man suits. Stark Industries can't reasonably afford to procure any.

Just in case you were wondering. ;)

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I'm almost afraid to see the logic that Black Panther's player comes up with for how he can have a whole country of Vibranium at his finger tips.
I confess, since he's not bound by the same legal restrictions as the film was, I had hoped adamantium would also be mentioned. After a quick perusal of Wikipedia, I guess it would be "Proto Adamantium" and that wouldn't be a thing for the in-setting history at this point in time. Still might have been a fun explanation for Howard being willing to part with it. Well, that and how wealth is handled in some RPGs.

Ha! You thought it was I was just being a comic fanboy but in fact it was I being a GURPS fanboy!


And a painful, forced Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reference as well. XP

Anyway, since I already referenced it, I'll explain. In GURPS, the "Wealth" Advantage comes in various levels, and is a weird blend of various factors. By default, it covers your starting wealth (which covers everything you own) and your wealth-generating potential. The latter affects how well you're paid for your job e.g. if you have Wealth: Struggling you can still be a struggling Actor, Doctor, Investor, etc. just as you can be a Wealth: Filthy in those careers. There's even more to it, but not relevant for where I'm going with this...

...which is how - in GURPS - Wealth is important to game balance. Money can't buy happiness, but it can by valuable equipment, pay for allies, favors, etc. Things that can simulate actual GURPS Advantages, which Advantages that would otherwise cost Character Points. Now, if the GM is rewarding you with wealth (lower-case "w") intended to increase your character's Wealth.. that isn't a problem. The GM will just tell you what you're getting and to adjust your Wealth stat accordingly. If, however, the players get some stuff that wasn't really meant for them, at least, not in the long term, then they need to go with the GM (or come up with their own plans) to use it, keep it but cough up the Character Points they need to raise their Wealth Advantage accordingly, or "lose" the wealth. It might sound very restrictive, but as I've tried to explain, money is pretty versatile in GURPS... but GURPS being what it is, there are a lot of situations where characters can logically acquire wealth over the course of play.

How does this pertain to the above strip? Well, it doesn't since they aren't using GURPS, but if they were:

Howard (being run by Gwen) acquires the Vibranium (Proto Adamantium?) metal, but can't really make good use of it. It's monetary value, however, means Gwen needs to find a use for it that benefits Howard indirectly, so that she doesn't need to cough up the Character Points for it. The shield is so valuable, selling it would mean a bunch of money but for that to manifest as permanent gain, she's got to cough up Character Points. What Gwen can do is find another player with a PC that can use the shield well and has the CP to pay for it. Yes, in GURPS you can spend Character Points for equipment. There is even a specific advantage called "Signature Gear": it can let you access abnormally good equipment so long as it makes sense for the character and the setting, and the equipment is seen as a "part" of that character. Meaning the GM needs a really good reason to deprive you of your equipment permanently. So Gwen finds a way for Howard to benefit from this obscenely expensive loot without having to spend any of Howard's CP, while Steve gains access to something he otherwise wouldn't justify and that he wanted to spend CP to obtain.

...ugh, that took me way too long to explain and I'm not sure if it makes any sense. >.> I shouldn't have even bothered, but since I did, I'm leaving it up.

Sorry, gang. XP
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Strategy Meeting
Okay, so just to be clear, Reinhardt does not mean AoS is officially coming. I just needed a second operation to explain why Peggy isn't at the Zola train heist, and I figured "hey, I might as well use an actual HYDRA guy... oh, if I use Whitehall that'd be a funny little S.H.I.E.L.D. tie-in!"

But since I also said a couple weeks ago adapting AoS wasn't completely off the table, I just wanted to clarify this should not be taken as confirmation. XD

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"Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"I think I do, Brain, but where was Schmidt able to get that much red paint?"
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