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Game Plan
Sooooo I do feel a little bit bad about cutting so much of this scene, because it's both a really good action scene and in the context of the movie, a good establishing bit for Natasha.

On the other hand, delaying the proper start of the game further felt like a bad idea, and as much as I love the scene on paper, in execution it's a little... gratuitously male gaze-y to a level that I'm not necessarily comfortable drawing attention to by screen-capping it, if that makes sense?

So instead it's the last thing Natasha was doing in-game before the Defenders session started.

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I am quite interested in how they determine where Banner is, given they stopped playing halfway through his movie. Technically they could have him be anywhere.

Also Otaku, if you're here, got a GURPS question. How would you do the Black Widow leg scissor throw move in GURPS? Does that exist in something, like GURPS Martial Arts, do you need to homebrew it, what's up?
Due to the recent... Unpleasantness at WOTC, Castles and Crusades made their game free for awhile so I read that and started looking into the OSR and how it differs from O/ADND and BECMI. I've really been drawn to a game called "Adventurer, Conqueror, King" because 1) it has Spontaneous Casting as a default and 2) it finds an interesting middle ground between "Race-as-Class" and "Classes and Races" that isn't just "Races are restricted to certain classes" specifically it makes what I'd call 'Racial Classes' my favorite is the Elven Spellsword also it has a Dominion System because someone wanted to do Birthright ...er right.

I bring this up because this feels like in-between panel to get the ball rolling and I won't detract from the conversation
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Change Of Face
It's been a while, but Mark is back!

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It sucks when you lose the reference image. I've seen it happen when it's an old post and the image link just doesn't work anymore, so you have no idea what's supposed to be there.
I found an old drawing I made of Pyotr, my first warlock I made back in middle school. Very different from the model that I used for him on the tabletop, a fire wizard from Warhammer. He wasn’t supposed to have a beard or that wacky split hairdo, and was supposed to be much younger.
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Cut To The Chase
There's using out-of-game knowledge to metagame the story, and then there's using out-of-game knowledge to figure out one of the other players is hiding behind the couch pretending to be an NPC.

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Considering that Rob is one of the players for this thing one has to ask why she and Kevin even bothered. I mean did she not know or was she really betting that Rob would like laughing himself silly every time the team talked to "Black Widow"
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Of course, Mark is fully expecting and hoping that Hulk makes an appearance. But Banner wouldn't respond well to that.
When you already know you're one of (if not the) strongest people around, you can afford to take a risk. Especially if there's valuable intel to be gained.

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This part of the movie is one that I hate. Pointing a pistol at the Hulk is stupid. If you gather a squad against the Hulk you at least should arm them with anti-tank rifles.

Hulk is not THE strongest person around. That would be Sentry.
Being a "survival monster" can also help.

Okay, now for my tangent: I mean, even with all his Strength, if the Hulk didn't have the... whatever the relevant D&D/Pathfinder terms are. In GURPS, it would be Health (I think that's more or less the same as Constitution), Hit Points (mostly the same*), Damage Resistance (subtracts from damage before wounding modifiers), Damage Reduction (Damage below X can be ignored**), miscellaneous beneficial modifiers to your Health (HT) rolls, and Active Defenses (Block, Dodge, Parry). Actually, the Active Defenses probably don't matter much to Hulk. Oh, and then there's a whole class of stuff in GURPS like Extra Life, Hard to Kill, and Unkillable. That last one comes in three levels; the first just means you don't suffer decline due to non-crippling injuries and don't die until you hit automatic death***. The second level includes the first level's benefits but adds that, when you do die, you're not completely dead but reduced to some sort of (more or less) invulnerable state that can be revived with proper procedures (a la Dracula in some stories), The third level also includes the benefits of the first, but once you're dead you heal (at your normal rate) and when you've healed enough, you revive. The specifics for all of these can be tweaked, from your specific body reviving where it fell to you just getting a brand new body (kind of like a video game respawn).

Just so this doesn't seem like such an extreme tangent; I remember comic book Hulk, circa the 90s, being hit with an energy beam (or something like that) that reduced him to nearly being a skeleton with some charred flesh still on it and... he never even fell down. After the blast stopped, he wasn't even dead and just needed a few seconds before his body healed itself in a manner that Wolverine couldn't (at the time; now Wolvy can).

*GURPS has lower HP totals on average, but you can drop to -5xHP (negative five times your max HP) before death is automatic. GURPS does base HP on Strength (ST) instead of Health (HT), because "realistic" Hit Points in GURPS are tied to your musculature... and because it helped for balancing out ST versus HT, which both have the same Character Point Cost in GURPS.
**I'm doing this off the top of my head, so I might be mistaken about this particular mechanic
***Or no decline and you're immune to non-crippling ones. Again, going by memory and I don't take this one all that often. Oh, and it might even be -10xHP instead of -5xHP for automatic death; normally, -10xHP is only relevant because GURPS states that, by that point, stuff like the Resurrection Spell won't work on you.
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Power Couple
I spent so much time writing Rob across the first few chapters that it's kind of hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that it's been over a year since he last had a proper appearance.

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It's shocking that I sometimes forget how good Pepper/Gwyn would be as a supervillain. It's a good thing she's using supervillain powers for good...well clean energy and profit at least.

Wait if Gwyn isn't in this campaign, why are the other players waiting for her to come inside?
Too bad in was only 20% of the moment.
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