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Fire-Rose Comic #1: The adventures of Bell.
part three

Fire-Rose Comic #1: The adventures of Bell.

Starting from Comic #24: page 23
page 24
Hey guys! I now have Bell on Facebook! Just search Bell Campana! Also, you can email her for any questions you may have at askbellcampana@yahoo.com!
page 25
Well, hope you enjoy the lame page. SHoot! I have to start uploading moar pages!

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... might as well (subscribes)
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page 26
Hey guys! Im not getting as many views as before..... Hm... I got to get those business cards!
page 27
Sorry its late! I just got Pokemon Black Version and well, me and my boyfriend are having a lot of fun with it! Dont worry, im back and will continue to show you my comic.
part four
Yay! new Chapter! OOOH~ Who's that?
All I can say is that Tsukimatou and Bell were in the hotel room and this creepy lady came in through the open window. I cant really reveal much else right now because its a part of the storyline I will release at a later time.

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well, until this point most of what was going on made at least 75% sence... but this... not even 25%. what just happened?
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