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Blood Klot

Blood Klot

Starting from Comic #89: Silent mode
Silent mode
You can totally guess what I was listening to when I sketched this page (kuddo if you get the ref) ... personally I always put my phone on silent mode (so if you call me because a slasher is trying to kill you... I might not answer, oops!)

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This is such a great comic! Love all the characters (Jeb is my boyyy) and your art is spectacular. Subscribed!!!
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Spell it out
Personally I have a REALLY bad memory with words. My partner often correct my english because I often forget... how to write... uh.. how do you call it.... SENTENCES! Yes.
Oops, well it didn't last! If anyone is interested, Wormspit is single!

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Lol nice
Wormspit is so fucking cute :'D

I can hear these characters in my head, they have such a distinct look I can imagine a voice for them
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