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STUNT FOX!!! PT. 18 (BF #634)

Bubble Fox

Starting from Comic #756: STUNT FOX!!! PT. 18 (BF #634)
STUNT FOX!!! PT. 18 (BF #634)
Well, he made the front page, but not the main headline, or even a picture! You gotta admit though, eating a LOT of cheese is a pretty major feat! Wouldn't wanna share a bathroom with ol' Mooch though once nature takes its course! And it's good to see that poor Sap is in fact on the road to recovery. His parents might wanna instruct the surgeon to add a gas valve to his butt though before he reattaches it. His friends and siblings will be grateful!

And so ends another BUBBLE FOX epic! Don't normally do two stories in a year that span multiple months, but this one was just too good to pass up! Hopefully you all enjoyed the wild ZAZ Team-inspired gags from this month and got the references! And since today's the finale and I'm in a good mood, I'll make this one a freebie: It's inspired by Airplane!, when the National Enquirer headline reads "BOY TRAPPED IN REFRIGERATOR EATS OWN FOOT TO SURVIVE!" A funny story to that, the boy in the picture was the producer's grandson who had no idea why his grandpa wanted a recent class picture of him and only found out at the movie's premiere when he was suddenly plastered across the screen! Nothing says "I love you grandson" more than putting a goofy yearbook photo into a major motion picture! Anyway, that's a wrap for July! Be sure to come back next week for some new Bubble Fox-style mayhem! Stay safe my CRAZIES!
Welcome back CRAZIES!!! A new day, a new week and a new month which means only one thing: New Storyline! Yup, Bubble and pals are back for some more of the high quality shenanigans at rock-bottom prices that y'all have come to expect from them!

Poor Willow. Being Bubble Fox's girlfriend is by no means an easy task. Aside from the usual stress associated with Bubble's own hijinks, there's also the stress that comes with the level of hazard that befalls those in his company! Luckily, Willow signed her insurance premiums long before they started dated!

Well, August is off to a smashing start! What kind of silliness is next? Come back Thursday and find out!
Hey hey! It's Pepper and Charlie! These Terrific Tots are back and sillier than ever and are really stretching their comedic chops! They got a long way to go though before a sold-out audience will be within reach. Charlie will be up in arms until then! Well, that's enough grown-inducing puns for now. Come back Tuesday for some more inspired silliness!
Uh oh. If there's any one cat you don't wanna make mad, t's Clover! We've already seen how determined this little kitty can be. However, we've also seen how successful she is at climbing trees, so Mooch and Sap are probably wise to stay up there. Though they'll have to come down eventually! One way or another, I'm sure they'll all make up. After all, Clover herself said once that she could never stay mad at those two turds! Three epic tales of silliness have been told! Is there a fourth waiting in the wings? You know there is if you come back on Thursday!
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