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Captain Yesterday And The World Of Tomorrow!
Campaign Pilot 3000

Captain Yesterday And The World Of Tomorrow!

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0 Trailer
Join us tomorrow for the first comic of Captain Yesterday. Y'know, without the giant spoiler-proof box.

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what's your other comic?

and we all miss Futurama.

I will reserve judgement of your sanity or awesomeness.
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1 Campaign Pilot 3000
Hi and welcome, everyone!

Hope you all enjoy this journey through time and space.

Comics will post five days a week for a while until I run down my buffer or until I stop being awesome!
2 Springfield of Dreams
At least it's not a meetup in a tavern, right?

New comics five days a week! enjoy!
3 Burger Smart, Burger Mart!
To be fair, 24 hour pizza smell is pretty bad.

New comics post five days a week.
Spot and Lock
Don't you just hate failed spot checks?

New comics post 5 days a week.
Process of Elimination
Ever spend twenty minutes checking an unlocked door for traps?

See you all Monday for the next comic!