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Cardinal Traits
Cardinal Traits Coming Soon!

Cardinal Traits

Starting from Comic #1: Cardinal Traits Coming Soon!
Cardinal Traits Coming Soon!
Hello, everyone! This is a new comic idea I have been brewing up. I really believe in the story, and I hope you guys enjoy it! There will be lots of action, fun, and creativity.

Come and join Naomi and I as we explore our Cardinal Traits. ^_^
Naomi Concept Art
Hey, everyone. Just wanted to post some concept art of Naomi, the main character of Cardinal Traits. I am so excited for you all to get to know her! :3

Later on today, I will be posting the first piece of fan art I have received of her. It is amazing! :D

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She's a lovely woman. And that hair. Love it.
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Naomi- first fan art
This is the first piece of fan art I have gotten of Naomi. It was drawn by confettirainbowpony! Thank you so much, Confetti! It was really nice of you to draw her for me! :D:D

More content to come. ^_^

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Love the character design!!!! So much! I'll have to draw some fan art as well. :) Confetti did a fabulous job!
Beautiful stuff!
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Mary Donnellon Concept Art
Hey, everyone! This is some concept art for another character in the story, Mary Donnellon. I'm not going to give anything away about her character, but I really had fun with her designs. ^_^

Trivia Fact: I named her after my AP US History teacher in high school. :3

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Ah, how am I just seeing your comic site now??? Thank goodness for the "recently updated" tab :)

Keep those character designs coming! Do you know when you'll start doing pages again?
Whoa hey. I noticed her eye shadow is a different color.
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New Character Page!
Hey, everyone! I just put up a character page. Go check it out if you like! :D

I also have a new banner. :3

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This may be a random comment, but I like that you've given your characters unique clothes thus far. I get pretty vanilla plain with that, but unique clothes really does make a character pop!
I like that Naomi has some thickness and curves to her. Seems like there's nothing "plain jane" about her so far. :)
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Cardinal Traits is on the way...
Hey, everyone. The comic is coming together, and I might start posting by summer's end! :D

I want to say thanks for your patience. I promise that it will all be worth it! I am building up my queue, and I can't wait for you all to see Naomi in action.

Thank you again! :D:D:D

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I love the confidence in her expression!
This is amazing!
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