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To Each Her Own

Chick Flicks

Starting from Comic #46: To Each Her Own
To Each Her Own
“Bad Moms” may have gotten under my co-conspirator’s skin, and perhaps without even seeing the movie, I can understand why. Here’s just a little bit of what she had to say:

“But the resolution of the movie was SUPER contradicting in the end, because she literally slept with some other student’s parent and at the end they're 'together’. I guess to satisfy the space of 'its ok. She won't be a single parent anymore despite the fact that less than 5 minutes ago she decided to get a divorce' and the single dad dude she just so happened to sleep with liked that she did everything and managed to look like she had everything together. So it suggests she went back to mostly doing what she did before. Like she gets everything back : A promotion at her job that puts her in charge, and overly hot single dad thats better than her old husband, and her kids are not shit holes anymore. BUT she went back to being in charge of the PTA and blah - like - way to put that 'good mom' bar back in an unreachable place after TAKING IT DOWN.”

I guess “good mom” and “involved mom” are completely different things. I’ll take her word for it.
Something Strange in the Neighborhood
Thankfully the internet came back in time to upload today's comic. So, there's that at least!
I hear the food there is good.
This month we're going to be serving all space movie comics all the time. It's going to be a hoot!
You May Be Entitled to Compensation
That new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was probably awesome. One of us didn't watch it tho. Kicking off space month right!
Myth Busted
This week (December 7th) 44 years ago was when Apollo 17, the final Apollo Mission, commenced. The more you know!