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Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Starting from Comic #1: GiftGiving
Originally Created: December 6, 2011

Ah, humble beginnings...Gotta start somewhere, right?

This was my first attempt at stupid humor; this meaning I took a good joke from EddsWorld and put my own terrible style into it. I failed in originality then. Still do, but I draw better now.

Reader Comments

Crotch-level present punch? Watch out, Agentxy. When this strip becomes popular, they /will/ be shipped. :awesomeface:

Anyway, crude as the humour is, I like it! The art style's your own, so I'm only going to criticise the implementation. Unless I'm missing something obvious, there appears to be a sketch image in panel two which wasn't rubbed out properly. Just an FYI.
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Deserving Retribution
Originally Created: December 12, 2011

Completely deserving, really.

During recent times, I decided to finally sit my behind down and actually WATCH an episode, which was coincidentally the Ninth Doctor's exeunt, Bad Wolf. Fell in love with it instantly. Guess that's another fandom I'm a part of.

Reader Comments

I'm a big doctor who nerd myself, so welcome and GREAT comic!
I approximate that this comic would be at least 1.5x funnier if the gun had instead been a sonic screwdriver. : P
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Originally Created: December 17, 2011

I understand this says 'Wraith'. However, I screwed up; this is Aakashi. As in "MSF High" Aakashi. And Jack in the other two comics was of Sequential Art fame. As you can tell, these are our author avatars.
Styles of Drawing
Originally Created: January 3, 2012

Just a brief poke of fun at myself and my friends. We have Jack concentrating on a character's eyebrows, Aakashi and Wraith focusing on getting a commission done, Bunnies does her thing, and Agent...er...True to life?
Originally Created: January 9, 2012

At least she's honest.

Then again, living with us in that house is an exercise in Charles Darwin's 'survival of the fittest'. I'm not fit, so I don't survive to see the sunset each day.
Brawl Fatality
Originally Created: January 14, 2012

I'm boss at Brawl, really I am. So I guess I can't blame Wraith to hack it to help himself out. A backdoor handicap, if you will.