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Coward of Valor *original*
Coward of Valor Volume Nine

Coward of Valor *original*

Starting from Comic #830: COV9 Page 99
COV9 The End
Alright. Tomorrow we'll be all caught up!

Reader Comments

Finally finished reading what you've posted... I love the story in this! The characters are entertaining and the story is so imaginative. Lots of humor and good heartfelt moments.
I actually quite like your style, but sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what's happening in a panel. But that's my only criticism, really. Otherwise I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!
I'm glad you like it. After tomorrow's update you can expect to see more of it every Sunday.
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What Spooks Mr.Pook 4-1
2018 Halloween Pook! Putting the 2018 Halloween stuff tonight so it isn't overshadowed by volume 10 tomorrow. Enjoy.
My Darling Darla 1
A separate Halloween comic. No Pook in this one.