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Starting from Comic #16: COVID ISLAND #15.5
As most readers of my strip know by now I love Bill Waterson and his "Calvin and Hobbes" strip. Bill is so much more than a comic strip artist, he also does paintings and is amazing. When "Calvin and Hobbes" was published into books, Waterson would have some colorful art pieces of Calvin and Hobbes in the books. SO that is what this week's COVID ISLAND is... a page break in my book (yes some day if I draw enough of these I want to publish a book)!
Todays' comic is a throwback to last week when I did my first ever "Sunday Newspaper" style story. I did a cross over of The Peanuts with my little island resident. Part of this was done for my friend Angie, a huge Charlie Brown and Snoopy fan. I liked the way last week's comic came out and so I figured (for Angie's 70th birthday gift) I would paint her a panel from that strip... and here is the result. Done 100% by hand and with love. I hope you like it... cheers! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!

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Oh! My God l’am surprise again! I’ll remember this special script for ever. You did such a great job! I want to make sure you keep writing and drawing ✍️. I so look forward every week for my favorite comic script . Thank you , you are really a true friend! Until next week! Can wait!!
Always on top of things. Thinking ahead
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