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Crystal Visions

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Page 33
So, I'm going to try this one more time. I honestly finished this page as a doodle. I drew this page as a way to cope with my stress. This unfortunately doesn't mean that updates will be quick or often. It just means that I'll post whenever I finish a page. But it's not discontinued anymore.

Also, please forgive the change in the font. I drew this on my cellphone, and I couldn't install custom fonts.

Reader Comments

(How the heck can someone draw/paint such a page on a cell phone???)

(If you hadn't mentioned the font, I wouldn't have noticed. Now after closely comparing, I like the other font better, it looks more like hand-written and (AFAIK) no one else uses it, but this one is very near to that and the line spacing is smaller, so you can fit more text into a bubble.
TL,DR: I'm perfectly fine with the change, if you want to keep it :-) )
Drawing as a stress relief sounds a whole lot better than the stress of regular updates.
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