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Cupcake War Machine

Cupcake War Machine

Starting from Comic #1: Book Cover
Book Cover
Everyone, it's hot, it's fresh and it has officially opened... Cupcake War Machine is officially launching in August!

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This is a very good and well-organized cover. I look forward to reading about these characters soon.
Today, I finally finished your wonderful tale of Jekyll and Hyde and I get to start off on this comic. From the cover alone, it looks like it will be promising. I can't wait to learn about these lovely people.
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N-Oh-M, Canada (Canada Day 2021)
Ah, the first ever holiday themed Cupcake War Machine page! And I figured since this is a food themed webcomic, the best way to showcase Canada Day is with its most famous foods. Can you recognise them all? Happy Canada Day to all of you. Fun fact, ketchup is Warrick's favourite flavor and this art piece is also for sale as a print and mini-poster in my shop if you're interested in owning it.

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Nice little touch, thank you.
However... ;)

No Coffee Crisp ? or Red Rose tea (only in Canada ? pity (check the old commercials))
How about donair pizza ?

I think the pinkish thing in the middle is a lobster roll ?
they have those in Maine too

Is that a Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich ? the look isn't that different from a NY Deli pastrami or corned beef, but the taste is :)

All Dressed chips to go with the Ketchup ones ? or Dill Pickle chips ? Dill Pickle washed down with A&W Root Beer are beyond description :)

Butter Tarts with or without raisins ?

Montreal style bagels for the win ;)

Lovely spread, now I'm starved, thanks...

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First Mission, Second Life
It's hot, it's fresh and it's here! Bonus points to whoever can guess the two metaphors the dessert in this cover symbolizes.

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Things are gonna get turned upside down, and... uh... get prickly?
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Page 1
And here is Warrick in all of his metallic glory and his creator Dr. Gloria Steele!
Page 2
I figured a square speech bubble would suit an android and I learned from my previous webcomic that too much colour in them can be hard to look at so in this comic, only the text and outlines are coloured. The speech bubble itself is white for everyone unless there are exceptions.

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How did I miss these also I'm really taking a back at how much your artwork has improved! Nice work!
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Page 3
We all know that these are the famous last words which makes this page a bit sad... but the show must go on.

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4th World War? Where is the 3rd one? What happened? I need answers, dammit! lol
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