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Cuttlefish Doilies

Cuttlefish Doilies

Starting from Comic #1: Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit
Hello folks!

This is the very first webcomic I ever uploaded ever anywhere at all, so of course it's terrible. Don't worry, it'll get better as time goes on. Just… hang in there, alright? We're going on a long journey together, you and me.

The three characters I actually drew in this strip are three of the characters that I plan on making regulars in this comic. The one in the middle, Paul St. John Polevaulter, represents me, in keeping with the arcane scriptures of Webcomica Premieria. He will be going through fantastic versions of my high-school misadventures, once my artistic talent improves enough to attempt drawing those. The girl on the right is le Jones, who will be our focus for the parts of the webcomic less explicitly based on my high school life, and the weird pixie thing on the left is Alex's Archon.

Alex's Archon… will be important later.
So here's the second installment. I hope you like puns, because I'm pretty sure that's all I have lined up for a while. The alternative is either start a story arc I'm clearly not ready to tackle or make fun of The Donald.

Donald Trump is a big meanie.

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