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Devil Spy
Chapter 8

Devil Spy

Starting from Comic #128: 103


Please pledge if you can and spread the word! I really want to get this book funded, thank you!!! ^_^
The Devil Spy Book Kickstarter is now up over $800 with just 22 days left. We still have a long way to go to reach goal. I really want this book to get funded, please check out the Kickstarter and back the book! Thank you so much everyone who's pledged and for helping me spread the word!


There's lots of rewards to choose from including a sticker set, book sketches, print set, tee shirt, original pencilled comic pages and commissions. Each book will come with an exclusive bookplate and my signature!

Devil Spy will be updating weekly for the duration of the Kickstarter, I'll have a new Willem page for you tomorrow.

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Trauma and Depression hit hard, yo.
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There's only 15 days left to get the Devil Spy Graphic Novel funded! We're still less than halfway there so we have a really long way to go I really want this Kickstarter to succeed because this series is very close to my heart, I believe my writing really shines through Devil Spy and Wyatt and this is some of the best comic art I have produced so far!
Making comics is my passion but they are very expensive to print so I rely on your generosity and support to produce these stories and publish these books, I hope you will lend me your support again with the Devil Spy Book. We still have a long way to go to reach goal, but I’m confident we can get this book funded together, thank you!

There's only eight days left of the Devil Spy Book Kickstarter and I could really use your help. Here's what you can do:

SHARE the link to the Kickstarter campaign everywhere you can! It doesn't cost you anything to reblog/retweet my posts on Tumblr and Twitter, my username is Jaymzeecat on most social media. Share them on Facebook, you can get them directly from the Devil Spy Facebook page. Or make new posts of your own. If you're a fan of Devil Spy and you believe in this series, please tell people about it! If you have friends you think would like it, please spread the word! Sharing is IMMENSELY helpful!

DRAW some fan art for Devil Spy! Fan art helps me show people that there is an interest in the comic! And it gives me something to post other than my monotonous Kickstarter posts!

PLEDGE to the Kickstarter! Even if you don't want to buy the book right now, you can pledge just $1-$5. If everyone who subscribed to Devil Spy pledged just the cost of a cup of coffee, the book would already be funded! If you're planning to just buy the book later, please note that there wont be a book if the Kickstarter doesn't meet the funding goal in the next eight days. So please help me get the word out!

These are all things that would be incredibly helpful! Thank you so much! And thank you to everyone who's backed the book and shared the link to the Kickstarter so far! I can't wait to make these books for you and I'm praying for a miracle that we are able to get there with only a little more than a week to do it!

I hope you are all having a rad day!

Link to the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jaymzbernard/devil-spy-book-one
I'll be taking some time off after the Kickstarter has ended, regardless of whether or not the Devil Spy book is funded, so I'll put up the final pages of chapter 8 up over the next few days.

The Devil Spy book Kickstarter really needs your support! If you are a fan of Devil Spy and you like what I do, please support the Kickstarter! There's only 4 days left to get the book funded. Without a new book, I wont be able to attend conventions this year or spread the word about the series. Without the support of it's readers, I'm unsure about the future of this series. I may have to drop the comic to work on something else, which I really don't want to do! So if you love these characters and this story as much as I do, please help me get the book funded in the next four days! Thanks!

Good morning everyone! There's just 3 days left of the Devil Spy Book Kickstarter, and we still need backers! Can you help me get this book funded? Every little bit helps! I really don't want this project to die and I need you help to get it to goal over the next three days! Please check out the Kickstarter, pledge whatever you can, or back the book if you're able! Pease spread the word where you can! Thank you SO MUCH!!


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