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Devil Spy
Chapter 9

Devil Spy

Starting from Comic #138: 111
Good morning, everyone! Here's the latest Devil Spy page for you, I hope you like it. I feel like Clover would get along well with Moonshadow from my comic Willem. ;) I'll have a new Willem page for you next week.

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Good morning everyone! Here's the latest Devil Spy page for you, I hope you like it. :)

If you like my art and comics, please support me on Patreon! Your support is what keeps these comics going, even just $1-$5 a month is a HUGE help! If I can reach a goal of $200/mo. Devil Spy and Willem will go back up to weekly updates! Thanks! https://www.patreon.com/Jaymz

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Devil Spy No Longer Updating on Comic Fury
Hey everyone, after yesterday's update I've decided to cease posting my comics to Comic Fury. It's something I've been considering for the past year or so. When I started posting here 4+ years ago, it seemed promising, but my subscriber numbers here haven't moved in probably about 3 years. With the lack of comments I receive here, I'm not even sure if the people who are subscribed to my comics actually ever read them. So, I have come to the conclusion that Comic Fury just doesn't have an audience for my comics, and likely never will. It's a shame, it's a nice hosting site, I just think the users here are looking for something vastly different than what I'm producing.

My comics aren't ending, you will be able to continue reading them on other sites where I post them, I'll also leave the back catalogue on Comic Fury for the time being. Below is a list of sites where you can continue reading Devil Spy:


You can also find my other art on many social media sites by searching the username Jaymzeecat. I'm open to suggestions for other places where I can host my comics that you think they might do well. I hope if you all are still around, that I'll hear from you on one of the other sites. :)
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