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The Wizard of Speed and Time


Starting from Comic #1332: The Wizard of Speed and Time
The Wizard of Speed and Time
Like most people today, I have no memory of the first time I watched TV, a movie, or a video. I imagine that the cuts were quite a paradigm shift to my young mind. When you think about it, the audience effectively teleports.
Dubious Debut
I was going to bring up a certain cover of the song, but that would have devolved into a rant.

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Thankfully, I have no idea what you're talking about (re: the cover of the song). But I love Aspen's eyes in that final panel!
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Whirlwind Nonromance
For pacing's sake, I thought it best to leave Kansas now.
I was going to replace "hungry" with "peckish," but my sources say that that usage is primarily British -- and a more widespread meaning is "crotchety." Good thing I'm getting in the habit of looking up words I might not entirely know before I use them.
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