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Starting from Comic #1: COVER
This page was kind of a test page that went through a number of iterations! I almost decided to forgo shading, but... In the end, this looked better.
This is what happens when your AI friend is too snarky for your good.
This page took an ungodly amount of time to draw, but looking back at it... I think there's a few things I need to touch up. One of these days when the procrastination monster strikes, I just might!

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I had a lot of fun with this page! This page was also the first page were I felt comfortable enough to experiment a little bit with lettering. I did not anticipate how complex it would be... but that's on me.

What kind of exoplanet would you want to land on?

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One where I could draw quicker, LOL
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Oh man... I was like, REALLY sick while drawing this page. Like going to the hospital kind of sick. So lucky that I was drawing a happy page, because it was a place for me to go and feel a little better. Got me through the worst of it, so I hope it makes you smile too!

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it does!
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