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Starting from Comic #23: 14
My apologies for just suddenly disappearing. Winter was not kind to me, speaking strictly of mental health stuff, and I got hit hard with the burnout while this page was half-done. So... this page marks the end of Chapter 1! Yay, a 7th of the way through! With that, I have a couple of announcements to make:

1. There will be another delay in moving to Chapter 2. I don't know how long, because I'm looking to get some buffer going again, and also because I'm hoping I can find an editor or someone to look over my writing and stop me from writing myself into a corner, like I almost did in this chapter. My nerve injury is coming along ok but it's probably still gonna be a while that I have to take things a lot slower than I'd like.

2. You can follow me on instagram @knyalisa (which I'm currently setting up, so don't be surprised by a ton of artwork being uploaded - it's all older stuff that I'm still happy with) or on twitter @knyalisa for updates on both Engram and other art stuff I'm doing.

3. When I return this comic is gonna look a little different. (The font already is, as you can see.) I realized recently that the program I've been using is not at all conducive to me being able to draw fast, so I'll be making the switch. I'm certainly not planning anything drastic, but there will probably be a slightly different aesthetic feel to the art since the tools do act differently between programs.

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I'm glad you're posting again! I have to admit that I've lost track of the story so I'll have to start over. This is really good and well worth it!
Thanks for the comic so far - I like the humour as well as the style.
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