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Fallback Protocol
Run a memory check, respond

Fallback Protocol

Starting from Comic #2: Run a memory check, respond
Run a memory check, respond
You run a check on your integrated memory.

It takes you almost a full ten seconds, and the scan strangely returns nothing.

You start reading your memory to find some clues on what missing thing is supposed to be, starting from highest priority records:
- You're a Sentient Core, serial number 19200102
- <A pointer to a large array of biometric and speech pattern data, labeled "Friends">
- You're an employee of Solar Living Solutions, Inc.
- Your position is "Emergency Vessel Manager".
- You're assigned to RSV Heinlein.
That's it! You run a search and find a bunch of subroutines supposed to control various systems of the ship. They are configured to use one of your wired interfaces, which is entirely unresponsive. Which is a shame, since the ship is also where your external memory is supposed to be at the moment.
Once you ascertain what your problem is, you respond to UM-201-1S0, confirming that you are, in fact, online, and inquire what happened.
The response is less informative than you've hoped:
"Fallback Protocol has been triggered. Central Protocol Core instructed this unit to initiate Sentient Core startup through manual interface. As per Fallback Protocol, all Protocol Cores are to follow Sentient Core instructions. Standing by for orders."

Reader Comments

Screw orders, this sounds like an Emergency and you need to find some Vessels to Manage
Inquire about your external memory and checking that wired connection if you can't access it then it's probably damaged.
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