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The Furovision Song Contest
Winner of Furovision 2019

The Furovision Song Contest

Starting from Comic #28: Winner of Furovision 2019
Winner of Furovision 2019
Hi all! The public votes have been counted, and were as follows:

Planet Cosmos +4
Gernsbeck +1
Buranda +2
Ghiduli kingdom +4
Kordinar +7

Which means the winner with 47 points is... Buranda! Congratulations, Jay042. I'll be sending your trophy by PM shortly.

Tied in second place are Kordinar and the Fuhifo Forest Region.

Thank you so much for taking part in this, everyone! You've all been brilliant, and I know I for one had a horrendously difficult time deciding where my points were going to go. I'm really glad everyone got at least some points.

That's it for this time, but who knows. If people are interested, maybe this will run again next year. We'll see! I hope you guys have had a good time, anyway.

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Nicely done, Jay!!!
I guess this means Gwenna will be hosting next year's Furovision?
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