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Out of Time
Fusion #16 Page 61


Starting from Comic #601: Fusion #16 Page 61
Fusion #16 Page 61
Here's page 61 of Fusion #16, and Fusion learns what Karelle's plan is. How with this sit with our gal?

Reader Comments

Convert her? How does this sit with the Whistler? Not I have full understanding of this but it seems like in order to save Captain Stupendous, they must sacrifice his sister, and the Whistler is the one who is actively doing it (with Karelle's consent, but still). Idk, if that's the only way, it will lead to quite a poor result...
What's going on here? W-where are the others??

I hope I'm not suddenly Out of Time (a.k.a. having switched universes).

Also: Sorry for the errors. I can't say what I might have meant by "Not I have full".
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Fusion #16 Page 62
Here's page 62 of Fusion #16, and Fusion discovers the consequences of Karelle's plan.

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If this is where and how Karelle dies... well, at least Calvin will have a chance to say good-bye.

How many of us can say they had that chance after the passing of a loved one?
(OK... actually no need to comment... :'-) Fusion said exactly what I think. Thank you EssayBee!)
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