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Chapter 2
Chapter 2, page 16


Starting from Comic #41: Chapter 2, page 16
Chapter 2, page 16
Hiya folks, sorry about that! Last week was really rough so I ended up having to skip the previous update.

Galdr is something I want to ENJOY doing, and of course I love it more than anything, but right now working on it is turning out to be very difficult. So I've decided to take a more definite break from updates for a few weeks. I'm not sure how long for just yet, but you can follow me on Twitter for updates on when they'll start up again! (Click here for Twitter)

Meanwhile, pencils and finished pages will go up on Patreon for $1 as soon as they're finished, since I aim to have a buffer of at least a few pages before I start uploading again. (Click here for Patreon)

Basically, I'm feeling really rubbish that I have to do this, since having a regular, consistently updating webcomic is something I'm really proud of. But as it is, trying to focus through the covid doomcloud to upload without a buffer is becoming absolutely miserable, and I need to just take a little time to re-calibrate, take the pressure off and catch up.

So, I'll leave you for a few weeks with Mauve SMILING - and reassure you that Galdr will be back soon! Thank you so much for reading, and for understanding. Stay indoors and stay well, and please be good to yourself if you're also struggling. We're all doing our best!

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Is there any way to remove or negate augments?
That hardly seems fair, given that Mauve had no choice in the matter.
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