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Disaster week 3

Gamer Cafe

Starting from Comic #616: Disaster week 3
Wibbly wobbly

Panel #1
Warren standing in the cafe at work, looking at a squiggly blue blob that is Derryl
Derryl: You really need to stop coming into work in these conditions. You have no idea what kind of image you're setting up for the Cafe.

Panel #2
Warren Scratching his chin
Derryl: Everything a person does while working doesn't just represent them, it represents the establishment that hires them.

Panel #3
Derryl: If a staff member is in your condition then it means that the Cafe is--
Warren: Derryl, I'm going to stop you right there.

Panel #4
Derryl: Yes?
Warren: I am high as shit and can't understand a word you're saying...

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Author's comment used to be a translation. Figured I'd call out that it ain't here.I can vaguely remember the last panel.
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