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Garfield Minus Jon
Who's Talkin' Now?

Garfield Minus Jon

Starting from Comic #1: Who's Talkin' Now?
Who's Talkin' Now?
It started as a little picture I did. But then, I finally got the idea for this spin-off. Credits:Jim Davis-Garfield. Dan Walsh-Webcomic idea.

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“thank you”
thanks, june
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This was one of nine strips I did on the day after I came up with the idea. Credits:Jim Davis-Characters. Dan Walsh-Garfield-Minus-Garfield idea.

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Of Mice and Cats
Just to let you know, Garfield won't be alone. He'll still be with the mice, Nermal, and Odie, and so on. Credits:Jim Davis-Characters. Dan Walsh-Webcomic idea.
This was one of those strip-edits I did on 8/31/2009. Credits:Jim Davis-Garfield. Dan Welsh-Webcomic idea.
Good News for Garfield!
Another strip-edit I thought up. Dedicated to:Jim Davis and Dan Walsh.
Free Drink.
A strip-edit I did about Garfield selling drinks. Dedicated to:Jim Davis and Dan Walsh.