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Part I - Summer
Why Everyone Walks


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Why Everyone Walks
Well, I have unfortunate news. Kind of silly because this comic just started, but,

my computer has been struggling a little lately, and I decided to upgrade with an SSD. I moved my OS onto that, and.. well, lost my Photoshop (Elements). Here comes confession time: A couple years ago I bought this product, and immediately regretted it, and asked for a refund. They gave it, I thought that was it. Miraculously, the installed program still worked. It took me over a year to begin using it because I didn't like it. In fact, I only began using it when my old outdated program stopped working.

So when I reinstalled Windows I lost Photoshop. I thought I had moved it properly and backed it up, but I did not. It suggested I go to Adobe for help but pfft, I was using this for free, so that's not an option.

All of that to say... I don't have my drawing program anymore. I am not sure what I'm going to do right now. I guess the cheapest avenue is to go for Clip Studio but I have never used that before and I am loathe to try new programs (see above refund). Regardless, with Christmas coming and all, I will probably do nothing until after the new year.

And so, before it ever got off the ground... this story is halted :(

Reader Comments

Sorry to hear about that.
I keep hearing about "GIMP", a free online art program.
You might want to try that.
Good luck.
I second Gimp. It’s free and cross platform.

You get it online but you install and run it on your computer. It’s the default art program for Linux Mint.

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