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039 Scaredy Ant


Starting from Comic #42: 039 Scaredy Ant
039 Scaredy Ant
If I had a trophoid rear up and shout, I'd be scared too.

You'll notice that his hair doesn't move as it did for the previous comic. Originally this was #38 but my editor said it needed a go-between, that poor Zeep wouldn't be very graceful after getting his land shape so faceplant was born. I must say I do enjoy how it came out. I decided to rig his hair because faceplant just wasn't faceplant without rigging his hair too. So now there's a little more work per pose but it is so worth it. I worked hard on it, and it took me over two weeks to get it right. I tried rigging them together within Zeep's rig but I just couldn't get it right so each strand is its own rig parented to the head. it works, that's all you need to know :)

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Go, Zeep!
My goodness that sounds like a lot of work Xade!
Hehe, Zeep is so cute intimidating that ant, though that ant was also cute :)
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