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Hapax Legomena

Hapax Legomena

Starting from Comic #1: Cover

This is my new webcomic, which I am going to publish concurrently with my other one, Empty Hallways.

In our world, a hapax legomenon (plural legomena) is a word that occurs only once in a given text or collection of texts. When you read a book, about half of the words used will appear only once; they’re the hapax legomana of that book. You can read more on Wikipedia, and/or watch this awesome vSauce video, which also talks about other things.

In the world of this webcomic, however, it means something different, which you will learn about as you read.

The cover features the main character, Celine. She’s 16, and she’s a wizard.

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Huh, you learn something new every day.

You got me interested. :D Subscribed!
Sneaky Quote Pilgrim getting me to subscribe twice!
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Chapter 1: Sky Dragon
It is fully intentional that the chapter title page comes after the first page. I just wanted to get straight into the story.

The original plan was to do this for every chapter, but I am probably going to do it just for this one, as a page from the next chapter before the actual chapter title can be a little confusing. Also, if I did it for every chapter it would mess up my file naming convention.
Chapter 1: Page 2
That is a very realistic messaging app interface with a very realistic font size.
Chapter 1: Page 3
The girl with the bow on her hair is called Bunny.

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aw but it looks so friendly. can they not befriend the sky dragon instead?
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Chapter 1: Page 4
If you google the magic words Celine is using here, you’ll find they come from one of the greatest, if not the greatest game ever created.

I plan to have all the spells on the comic to refer to some work of fiction, but this ins the only time I am going to just point it out like that.

You might’ve noticed the comic has been updating every Friday. I mentioned my plan is to not have any schedule for this one, and I plan to stick to it. It just so happens that, due to the stylistic choices I’ve made (all with the purpose of making it as easy to draw as possible), it is very easy to draw a page in under three hours, or even just two. Empty Hallways’s pages, on the other hand, take anywhere from 6 to a little over 12 hours.