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Here comes Skeeter (and his brain)!


Starting from Comic #1: Here comes Skeeter (and his brain)!
Here comes Skeeter (and his brain)!
Here it is! Skeeter's very first comic! Both Skeeter and his brain have very powerful attacks in Smash Bros.... if they WERE in it!! HA HA HA HA HA!!

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A robot with psychological issues! Now that's twisted!!
It is, isn't it?! Luckily, he easily overcomes these... or DOES HE!?
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Chris-chan's DYNAMIC ENTRY!
Now it's Chris-chan's turn to star! Chris-chan is a wild inventor who makes all sorts of wacky things! Yet, Skeeter and his brain are the only things she's made so far...
Ask, don't tell, about YouTube
Skeeter and his brain are inseperable, but they do have their differences. For example, Brain loves to mess with Skeeter about YouTube! Ha ha ha ha!
A mystery opponent!
It's TROLLMAN TAIM!!! Trollman is a professional troll! That is, he trolls for a living!! AHAHA!! Anyway, Skeeter is his biggest rival when it comes to internet attacks, so Trollman always remembers to strike FIRST!!
Troll in the Trash
Trollman has a house, but he spends most of his days literally looking for dirt to spill. Luckily, Skeeter (and Brain) are always hot on the trail!! This was actually the first Skeeter comic I drew, but I decided to post it as comic #5. Why? I don't usually do inking, but it was recommended by a user who read the first comic. I will be inking the comics from now on.
Love at First Byte
Roseskeet joins the gang! Skeeter was a lonely robot (even though his brain was always there for him!), and Rose, as she likes to be called, was built by Chris-chan to give him some lovin'. Brain doesn't like her that much, though. In fact, he FEARS her!!