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How We Stay Sane @ Work

How We Stay Sane @ Work

Starting from Comic #1: 1: Earplugs
1: Earplugs
I loved burying myself in sound effects in this one. XD

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Nice! I love the idea for the series. :)
That's pretty funny. Good idea for a series, definitely
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2: Things I'm Good/Bad At
Each morning at the factory would consist of standing around for 45 minutes while the techs attempted to get the 40-year-old printing machines working again. Then I'd work like crazy trying to keep up with the assembly line while ladies who'd been doing this for years mumble about me.

Even though there's only 2 comics up so far I hope you all are enjoying them! Check back next Tuesday for more factory adventures! And don't forget I'll be at Kantcon all this weekend selling Zero's Heroes books and commissions! Come by and say hi if you're in the KCK area!
3: Action Point
I felt so good about myself for that one second...
4: Sanitation
Do you know where your manufactured goods have been? I do... @.@
We heard about entire lines shutting down if a hair or bandaid was found in a box. It never happened in the 2 weeks I was there, but it made me wonder...

This is the last of the factory comics. Check back on Tuesday for reader submitted stories!

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'Cause, you know, the appearance of clean is more important than actually being clean...Ewww
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5: Best Friend
Submitter: Jason S.

Jason has some devil horns that would look great with that shirt. He was one of my amazing GMs in college. Now he works at a tech center.
6: Observancy
Submitter: Cait D.

Cait is another friend and excellent GM from college. The comic shop she works in is an amazing treasure trove of nerdy stuff. X3

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A friend of mine had a good response for this. "No, I really work for *Competing Store*, I just came here as a spy." :-)
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