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If I
XIII - Who Am I

If I

Starting from Comic #506: XIII-489-44
Survivor's guilt...
Identity crisis...

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Ooof indeed ;-; Main character moments everywhere-
JollyPop seems to be intensely knowing something that it should not know
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Ani realizes what she has to do...despite her entire existence being challenged in her mind.

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She accepted this quicker than other mcs
K, stop being sorry and just get on with it. You started this, now see it through.
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Hey all. Sorry for the big delay on the final page. Things got a bit hectic and I was very distracted last week.

Either way I wanted to thank everyone for keeping up so far...chapter 14 is complete! To give you all a bit of a roadmap, the story is more than half over and will end at chapter 21. So we're in a good position.

For the moment I'll be taking a rest and IF I will return on Tuesday, October 12th. Gotta script the next chapter and have some time to relax.
I appreciate you all for being patient with my frequent missed updates...I very much look forward to the story moving forward and I hope you all are too!

See you then!

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Frick she's back
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