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Inhuman Relations

Inhuman Relations

Starting from Comic #505: Comrades
Hey folks, this is probably the end of the road for Inhuman Relations (I say "probably" because I'm chronically indecisive, and always leave myself an out, just in case). After doing this comic for eight years, I'd like to move on to other fun comic type things. Preferably things without cartoon animals.

Anyway, thanks for reading the strip and commenting and stuff for so many years. You're all good people. Well, I mean, obviously some of you may be vile degenerates, but if you like my comics, you're OK by me.

Reader Comments

Your artstyle is a lot of fun to look at!
Well, Pogo originally had animals in "animal roles", such as Albert wanting to eat Pogo. In your case.. you can use humans just as easily.
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