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Inhuman Relations
Inhuman Relations #413 1/2

Inhuman Relations

Starting from Comic #507: Inhuman Relations #413 1/2
Inhuman Relations #413 1/2
I'm putting together the complete Inhuman Relations book and creating a bunch of "filler" panels. These panels help bridge the existing material into a more readable graphic novel format by adding transitions between scenes, clarifying murky plot issues, and generally improving the story flow.

But sometimes panels get added simply because it's one in the morning and I'm delirious and haha I thought of something funny to tack on to the end of a sequence lemme draw this real quick woooo. This is one of those times.

Reader Comments

It's good to see them again!

And good to see you around and active. "Dream Girl" was fun, thanks.
That's wonderful news! I look forward to the print version!

I love the idea of filler panels. It reminds me of The Pogo book collections that Walt Kelly did the same thing for.
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