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Jamie Jupiter
Jamie Jupiter Season Two
JJ Season2 Ep14 Page 38

Jamie Jupiter

Starting from Comic #1154: JJ Season2 Ep14 Page 38
JJ Season2 Ep14 Page 38
Mez may have failed once again, but if this extended flashback tale has taught us anything, it's that he won't give up so easily.....

And with that, this episode is in the can! Once I got the writing process started, this turned into one of my favorite episodes to work on for season two. It was such an interesting writing exercise to try and tell a story entirely from the villain's perspective, and from the various comments I've gotten, it seems you all enjoyed it as well, to which I'm glad. I can't thank you all enough for all your continued support! Your comments and witty commentary is what makes me excited to continue this story. Special shout out to Delta-v for continuing to provide "Top Webcomics" voting links! And to Psyker01 for submitting fitting song choices for the "Jamie Jupiter Soundtrack" playlist on YouTube!

As usual, we'll be going on hiatus for a bit while I start getting the final five episodes of Season two in order. This next gap in uploads may be a bit long, as I've also been busy with getting the next trade paperback ready for print, as well as making new material for the annual "Monster Bash" convention coming up this June. But as always, I'll have filler updates every Saturday to keep the site from gathering cobwebs in the meantime.

So we'll be going from what was the shortest episode of Season Two to the longest one, when we see you back for Episode 15, in which two of our main leads have the misfortune of swapping bodies with each other! What shenanigans will they get into? You'll just have to return from the hiatus and find out!

Reader Comments

Thank you for this episode, admittedly I believe this was of one your best yet, tied with the Thanksgiving episode from Season One. *gives standing ovation*. Enjoy your hiatus rest, you really deserve it and I look forward to the filler updates to come. =)

I see the Powerpuff Girls again. ;)
Ahhhhh... so ol' Mez was just doing a test run! I got so caught up in the action, I didn't catch that! Have a productive hiatus, and I shall patiently await your return! 😄
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