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Jamie Jupiter
Jamie Jupiter Season One
Jamie Jupiter Issue 1-Cover

Jamie Jupiter

Starting from Comic #1: Jamie Jupiter Issue 1-Cover
Jamie Jupiter Issue 1-Cover
The cover to issue number one-the episode that starts it all! Enjoy the adventure!

Reader Comments

Um...nice. You might want to use a font other than Comic Sans where you write your issue number and stuff, because that is really a...um...well, most of ComicFury is against its use. For what reasons, I don't know.
Nice Cover! Looks like you're off to a pretty good start!
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JJ Season1 Ep1 Page 1
A meteor crashes to Earth...or is it something else?

Reader Comments

Interesting ^^

I really like the way you do space effects. and bravo to you for panel four. It really has some energy to it.
One thing I'll point out about the dialogue though, one thing I recommend is splitting up the balloons within the panels. For instance, in panel 2 you could get away with splitting them at "all through the week" and "and just to remind" If you make those two paragraphs into separate balloons it will look even better.

Anyway, love the page, keep it up! :D
Fantastic intro! Very well executed.
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JJ Season1 Ep1 Page 2
Here, we introduce one of our main characters, Clara Friedman. This first issue will be mostly a "getting to know the cast" episode, but don't worry-the action will pick up soon enough.

Reader Comments

lol the old "comic book in a book trick" Classic. :P
Captain Goodheart reminds me of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. Or possibly Kyle Raynor. No wait! He has the same hair as a version of Nightwing! Well anyway I approve. :)

I like Clara, she tells it like it is.
I like the art style so far. It feels kind of stylized, and the coloring and shading looks great. ^_^
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JJ Season1 Ep1 Page 3
We learn a little bit more about Clara. The other main characters are coming soon.

Reader Comments

The teacher is surprisingly perceptive. She caught the whole comic trick. Darn. Guess I can't try it now.
good to see a teacher presented as a person. :) Too often they're portrayed badly (disney's tv shows anyone?) I'm proud of you for breaking out of the predictable.

Same here, I was friends with most of my teachers.
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JJ Season1 Ep1 Page 4
Looks like Clara's got a bit of a bully problem... :(

Reader Comments

Oh no bully problem at all, He's just showing his immense appreciation of her face... with his fist.

So she doesn't want to "do this anymore"? what does that mean? Is she referring to being bullied or giving answers to homework?
Man....you left me with a cliffhanger! D: Good job :P I'm already into the story and you only got like 4 pages.
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JJ Season1 Ep1 Page 5
And our hero finally shows her face, AND shows a bully who's boss! :D

Reader Comments

Interesting. I like the line "I've known plenty of captains... and they are not like you at all."

However, that being said, my first reaction to this was "where the heck did she come from?"
I think what really throws me off is Clara's lack of reaction to this new person that she's never seen before.
*shrug* anyway, need to see moar darnit! I wanna see some action, some powers. :P
Uh-oh, another person too proud for "charity"! ;)
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